Why Wear Pukhraj Ring – What are the benefits?

Gemstones are one of the precious assets known for sparkling beauty and beneficial qualities. In the astrological field, Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) is one of the superb stones with a soft texture and rich citron colour. Most of us wear this pukhraj ring to find a positive change in our lives. However, only an original and high-quality stone can give you the desired value. Now, where you will get the real stone? We are the most reliable Pukhraj stone sellers providing you the best value for your investment. Our premium Sapphire contains minimum number of inclusions ensure you the highest quality.

Pukhraj ring symbolically represents the planet, Jupiter. This benevolent planet rules the zodiac signs, Pisces (Meena) and Sagittarius (Dhanu). The enormous planet, Jupiter also epitomizes honour, fame, good health, luck, success, and wealth. Thus, buy Pukhraj stone and wear it in your index finger of your right hand to get blessings of Jupiter. Our natural gemstones are authenticated products giving you the ultimate value. Our Yellow Sapphire stones will add prosperity to your life and let you gain wisdom.

Astrologers think that ShuklaPaksha (5 am to 7 am) is the best time to put Pukhraj on your finger. You can wear it with gold and use the mantra, OM GURUVE NAMAHA.

Brief details about the physical properties of Pukhraj ring

Sapphire is mostly Yellowish version of the mineral corundum. The chemical analysis has shown that florin, hydrovisil, aluminium, and iron are present in it. The hardness level as per the Moh’s scale is 9, and you can find Sapphire as the scratch-resistant stone. Pukhraj is available in orange, golden, and Yellow tones. The white Sapphire has a colourless look. However, the best one is always the lemon Yellow stone, Pukhraj. Some other names of Pukhraj are guru Ratna, Pushparaj, Peetamani, Guruvallabh, and Pitmani.

Yellow Sapphire / Pukhraj and its origin

The amazing Yellow Sapphire gemstones are present in different countries, including Brazil, Russia, and Sri Lanka. Russia has lots of mines from where we can get attractive Yellow Sapphire gemstone. Brazil is also known for Yellowish Sapphire stones. Ceylon Sapphire stones are famous in this world.

Cure diseases by wearing a quality Yellow Sapphire or pukhraj stone ring

Astrologers have found that Sapphire has potential to recover you from different diseases, including fever, cough, kidney disorders, and rheumatism problems. Moreover, you can cure throat issues, skin problems, cerebral congestions, and blood circulation issues. The stone also saves you from accidents and controls your anger.

Who can wear a Pukhraj?

In Hinduism, Jupiter is Guru of all planets. It is the planet of judgment and wisdom. Thus, scholars, writers, attorneys, teachers, artists, traders, cinematographer, film producers, and other professionals can wear Sapphire stones. Business owners in finance and dairy fields may also choose Sapphire as the best gemstone.

Students, having a lack of interest in the study and weak memory, can try out Sapphire. Sapphire not only helps you to acquire wealth but also achieve stability in life. Based on your astrological chart, when you have Antardasha and Mahadasha of Jupiter, you may wear Sapphire.

Couples also wear this stone to solve their marital problems.


Other positive effects of Pukhraj Stone Ring

Jupiter has a considerable influence on spiritual inclinations. Thus, when you have worn Yellow Sapphire stone, you will achieve higher solace with spirituality. The stone also enables you to manage ambiguous situations. In different situations, the stone enables you to make the right decisions. You can reach the target in your life by wearing this gemstone.

Yellow Sapphire will let you maintain a proper balance in vishudha chakra. The stone will refine your communication ability and make you more creative. Further, you can wear this gemstone to solve progeny and fertility-related problems.

Pukhraj stones emit Blue Cosmic Rays to cure diseases, including cholera, palpitation, dysentery, jaundice, emotional shocks, tonsils, and faithlessness.

While you view the stone through a prism, you can find those light blue rays. Jupiter is one of the planets presiding over the principles in our lives. It has also an effect on different glands of our body.

Yellow Sapphire can increase your success rate when you are pursuing higher studies. Combined with other gemstones, YellowSapphire may help you to crack competitive exams. Thus, you can gain the favour of luck with this stone.  However, while Jupiter (Brihaspati) is malefic, you have to worship Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu apart from wearing Pukhraj. You will find a positive effect on your financial status.


Ascendants who should use Yellow Sapphire and who shouldn’t

Gemini and Capricorn ascendants can avoid wearing Yellow Sapphire stones. However, Taurus ascendants may wear it while Jupiter is in 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 9th house of their birth charts. For Virgo ascendants, the gemstone must not be more than 5 carats. You may follow these rules to get the best result from your stone.

Does YellowSapphire have negative effects?

Choosing the right stone is important for avoiding these adverse effects. That is why our gemologists will guide you in buying the best Pukhraj.

  • Pukhraj with cracks can raise the fear of theft.
  • Pukhraj having milky appearance can injure your body.
  • Asymmetrical shaped Pukhraj results in bad luck
  • Opaque Pukhraj stones can increase the chance of attacks from enemies.

Although our stones have no negative features, our team will assist you in picking the best product.


Calculate the carat of Yellow Sapphire stones needed for positive effects

You have to buy at least 4 carats of YellowSapphire. While you cannot afford a golden ring, you may wear a Punch-Dhatu ring (made of five metals). Your YellowSapphire can be up to five carats when are about 23 years or less. For wearers who are above 23 years, 5 to 7 carats of stones.

For purification of YellowSapphire, you need to dip the stone in pure water, milk, and honey. Then, you may burn incense sticks and pray to God.


We have YellowSapphire of different types

Our store has stones of a range of grades-

  • Standard grade- It is the most affordable stone, in which inclusions are clearly visible. You can easily buy this stone with minimal investment.
  • Fine grade- Pukhraj of fine quality has slight inclusions. You can speak to us to know its price per carat.
  • Premium grade– It is a bit high-priced stone. However, with your naked eyes, you cannot see its inclusions.
  • Super Premium grade- While you have a high budget, you can choose it as the most beautiful stone. It looks almost as original Sapphire gemstone.

What is the price of Pukhraj?

Cutting style, lustre, transparency, and colour- these factors can make a difference in Pukhraj stone prices. The clear Yellowcolour with high transparency indicates the best quality Sapphire that enables light rays to pass through it.

Our gemologists cut Sapphire symmetrically in different shapes, including round, cushion, and rectangular designs. However, most of our customers buy cushion and oval shaped stones. You can find variation in pricing depending on the level of inclusions. Natural stones always have inclusions. However, less inclusions denote higher transparency. Although these stones may be pricey, they deliver the best value.

We have only industrial-quality YellowSapphire gems available at a reasonable rate.


How do we ensure quality in our Pukhraj stones?

YellowSapphire accepts only first-degree heating treatment. We never choose dying, glass filing, and other treatments, as they can change the stone’s physical properties.

We always ensure that our stones have not gone through severe treatments. Our lab report reveals the treatments and origin of the stone. We have a big collection of certified Pukhraj stones. When you have placed your order, our team will deliver the stone within the shortest time.

Jewelleries with Sapphire stones

Some of us love wearing jewelleries embedded with gemstones, like Sapphire. You may also buy our lustrous stones to beautify your ordinary jewelleries. You can insert the stone to your rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and cufflinks. A piece of jewellery with gemstones is also a perfect gift on any occasion.

Maintenance of the stone

Pukhraj stones can retain their influence for about 4 years. However, you need to maintain its cleanliness to obtain its benefits. Deposits of dirt over the stone may affect the negative effect. You can use a soft brush to clean the stone regularly.

Pukhrajring is one of the best destinations to buy the best quality Pukhraj. We have 1000+ natural Sapphire gemstones, and you can choose one based on your needs, purpose, and budget. Moreover, our team always stay updated with the latest trends in the world of gemstones. You can find phones of stones in this website. With every gemstone, you will find aGem Identification Number, indicating the authenticity of our products. We have sourced our gemstones from different parts of this world.

We think that it is safe to wear Sapphire stones after having consultation with astrologers. The birth chart of every person is different. Your astrologer will guide you on choosing the gemstone of the right size. Then, you can contact us to get quality gemstones.